terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2005

Congratulations Mum and Dad

What else can I say. It's been 25 years since they got married!!! It has been a very long way with some happy moments, but also with some tuff obstacles.
It's everyday that you find couples that long married and nowaday is getting harder to find!
As a good son (hey my birthday is not that far...) I made a partnership with my brother and sent the 2 to Vienna for a week!!!! Not bad hum....
Well... maybe not!!!

terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2005

Habemus papam!!!!

Nothing new I'd say. It's amazing how fast these things go. It's funny to see people who don't care about church or anything related to it are interested in knowing the result of the white smoke...
Ok I'm not as lucky as who could be in Saint Peter Square to welcome Benedictum XVI.
To be honest I'm really disappointed. Josef Ratzinger was the one I didn't want. I was expecting the Joker and not the strong Ace. I was expecting a non-European but I knew it was hard to get.
I had several reasons for it but waited to hear some wise people talking before writing them here.
One thing seems certain: he won't last long. He is just 6 younger that the deceased Karol and already had 2 brain vascular accidents which mean that his health might not be the best.
Health apart, everyone agrees that he is very conservative and I really think this wasn't the moment to stop a certain renovation that was under course. No I'm not saying that the church should give up what it believes and stands for but it was getting closer to younger people and was showing signs of vitality. Asking for forgiveness to Jewish people for not standing for them during the WW2 and the atrocities of Inquisition can be appointed was one of them.
If my memory doesn't fail on me Ratzinger was one of the people who made some claims a few months ago about refusing some innovations that led wider acceptance to different peoples of Africa, Asia and even Europe.
After listening to a wise priest, friend of mine who has stayed in Rome 3 years studying not long ago, this is going to be a transition period. My fear is that instead of slowing down the process that was under movement, it will be completely stopped or even be turned back.
Several people say this is a very bright and intelligent man and gave a lot of support to Joannnes Paulus II, specially in some important documents.
As usual time will tell.
Well... maybe not!!!

segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2005

Changing strategies

There is movie going out in Movie called Hitch with Will Smith. It's one of those relax movies with a simple plot but pays attention to a very interesting detail.
For a very long time society expects the charming knight to flirt the lady on the top of her tower. Well knights' shiny armours have become very much different as well as Lady's towers. Even though, in most cases, men have to overcome their own barriers and try to conquer the one girl in their heart. The movie explores the idea of some guys who are to shy to show what thy feel...
Commenting this whit some friends made me realize that women still have a lot of power concerning this matter. Men are still expected to fight to get the top of the tower. And girls, be honest: you love a guy fighting hard to get to your heart.

Thinking a little made me realize that why is it that men have to do difficult part of taking the 1st step? Well I've decided to change strategy. Let's also give women the chance of trying to get to us... Maybe they'll see what costs to pleasure them... It might fail but in the mean time it may work?!
Well... maybe not!!!