sábado, 28 de julho de 2007

5 cozinheiros

Uns quilos de ameijoas e camarão....

Que bela Jantarada

Well... maybe not!!!

terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2007

Vienna and back

Hi everyone
One of the interesying details of working in Science is having international meetings / conferences abroad...
This time it was ICBIC, a conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry.
It was quite interesting and of course a good opportunity for spending a weekend away and visiting 3 cities: Vienna, Salzburg and Munich!
My personal opinion is that Vienna is a quite beautiful city but had a very imperial influence, so it somehow reminded me Paris. Salzburg fascinated me. It feels like a more traditional city where Mozart and "The Sound of Music" are mandatory references...
Munich is a city that grown as the capital of Bavaria. The rulers influence was huge, but the city managed to retain its historic weight despite the very large economic power (there are plenty BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche 's around...)

As usual I leave the pics to make you a bit jealous (or not)...


Havnig lunch @ Vienna University Hall

A view from new Vienna

Having dinner by the Danube

Catching a train to Vienna

Stephansdom (Vienna's cathedral)

Apfel Strudell of course!!!

Who's the guy in the statue, hu...?

Plenary lecture at Votiv Church

Conference dinner in a Heuringer


Morzart's birth house

a view to the fortress

a bench by Salzaach


Neues rathaus

Beer and sausage of course!!!

Well... maybe not!!!